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mitt romney took 6 out of the 10 contests especially in ohio. mitt romney is taking 38 percent santorum coming in second with
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37 percent. >> and then another call coming in. this one from alaska. romney winning alaska. this was the last one to come in at 33 percent. santorum 29 percent. coming in second. earlier in the night romney claims victory with paul coming in second. 40 percent verses -- if we could bring that back up, vermont. and we will move on to virginia for you. ron paul came in second in virginia where rick santorum and gingrich fail to do qualify for the ballot in virginia. ron at 60 percent paul at 40 percent. >> vermont romney got 40, paul got 35 percent. in igingrich finishing hath there. >> massachusetts up next mitt romney taking that with 72
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percent santorum with 12 percent. >> rick santorum took three states for the night. >> oklahoma leaving romney and gingrich to battle for second place. as you can see in tennessee santorum beating out gingrich and -- santorum takes it. leighing romney and paul battling for second place. >> now to the candidates and their speeches last night. for that we head to washington, d.c. where we find jennifer davis. >> it certainly was a super tuesday for mitt romney winning 6 contests. he did not deliver a knockout punch. but that is a number of victories for him. he won quite big in his own state of massachusetts also picking up victories in virginia and vermont and squeaking out that very important win in ohio. super tuesday often known for securing a nomination not likely
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to do that. it did go in a good place in terms of a delegate count. we cannot count out rick santorum. he did particularly well in ohio managing to stay competitive there as well as winning tennessee, oklahoma and north dakota. here's what both men had to say after the votes had been counted. >> on november 6th, we are going to stand united not only having won an election but having save add future. >> this was a big night tonight. lots of states. we are going to win a few, we are going to lose a few, but as it looks right now we are going to get at least a couple of gold medals and a whole tassel full of silver metals. >> newt gingrich took georgia. that ended up paying off for him. it will win a lot of delegates.
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he has a strong showing in the south but he face as bit of an uphill battle. then there is ron paul. he was hoping to bupull off one victory. he came in second in a number of states. he says he still managed to get his message out there. it is a resounding one. nobody managed to stake the claim on the nomination yet. more than 1,000 delegates are needed to do that. we will continue on with more contests and some of the bigger states are coming. >> ron paul did pick up a few delegates. >> here's what each candidate racked up on super tuesday. romney 212 delegates. rick santorum 84 as you can see. newt gingrich 72. 46 of those came from his home state of georgia. ron paul managed to get 22 delegates. 6 of those came in from alaska
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alone. >> now to total delegate counts. magic number to secure the nomination 1,144. mitt romney is in the lead with 415. rick santorum in second place with 176. newt gingrich has 105 and ron paul has 47. now to the exit polls so we can see why people voted the way they did in ohio. >> joining us from washington, d.c. is peter. >> good morning anna. as you know ohio's super tuesday contest spilled into wednesday and the voters there who are looking to hire a nominee for first the private sector experience on a candidate's resume. almost two-thirds, 65 percent think a business background better prepares a president than government background with the other only 27 percent. ohio voters's top issue was the economy. 41 percent broke for romney way ahead of santorum's 33 percent.
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big picture in the buckeye state romney's strength. runner up santorum was strong in ohio with a very conservative married women, low income voters and tea party supporters. the independent vote can be critical. in the close contest the runner up santorum actually edged out the winner for independent support. san tore raup 37 percent romney 31 but he still won the state. 6 states overall. santorum won three and gingrich won one. georgia is the only place gingrich run first. governor romney won every other state we have exit polls from with voters says beating the president is their number one priority which includes tennessee and oklahoma. it comes down to elect
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ability. 6 minutes after the hour. time to take a look at who's talking. >> the candidates are talking. big winner mitt romney and his message to america about reelecting president obama. >> president obama seems to belief he is on check by the constitution. he is unresponsive to the will of our people. he operates by command instead of by consensus. in a second term unrestrained by the demands of real election. if there's one thing we cannot afford it's four years of barack obama with no one to answer to. >> santorum may not have won ohio but it was in his victory speech. >> this is a big night. we are going to win a few and lose a few. we went up against ee more no-- enormous odds not just here but in every state. we were in this thing not because i so badly want to be
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the most powerful man in this country. it's because i want so badly to return the power to you in this country. >> newt gingrich winning his home state of georgia and ron paul with a message of less government. >> i hope the analysts in washington and new york who spent june and july ex complaining our campaign was dead will watch this tonight and learn a little bit from this crowd and from this place. >> lots of monbunny rabbits to through. i am the tortoise. i take one step at a time. >> you are getting a bad rap for what you are inheriting. the better deal can be found in less government and only sending people to washington who have actual little read the constitution and will obey the
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constitution and take their oath of office seriously. >> time now for your 5 at 5. we have election coverage for you. dennis kucinich, redistricting forced him into a primary race once again against democrat mars see captor. best known for fighting against funding for the wars in iraq and afghanistan. >> also in the buckeye state an iraq war veteran shocking congresswoman rand win stom beating jean schmidt in the gop primary. schmidt is in her 4th term. he wants to change government and cut spending. >> osama bin laden not buried at sea. that shocking claim reportedly coming from from e-mail by the hacker group anonymous. the e-mail said to be stolen from the analysis group stat ford. >> it is known as the cia.
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they writes bin laden's body was sent to the armed forces institute of pathology in maryland where it was cremated. >> this amazing rescue caught on dash cam. >> we have one person in the car unresponsive right next to a huge fire. >> that car crashed into a utility poll in oregon and erupted into flames. two officers risked their own lives to pull the driver out. the officers received the city's medal of valor for their action. big news from apple today. it is expect to do announce the ipad three. rumored to have high resolution, faster process or improved camera and software. our own clayton morris is live with that announcement and we will have more in the next hour. that's your 5@5:00. back in super tuesday in the state of ohio. fox news exit polls showing
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romney's biggest group of supporters women. bau western kind -- but a certa kind of woman. >> in the race to the white house all women are important. that was made evident in 2008. women have 10 million more votes than men. in a key state of ohio it seemed women flocked to mitt romney the massachusetts governor about 39 percent of the overall women's vote. 42 percent of the working women vote. that's according to the fox news exit polls. also appesantorum appeared to married women. while women are concerned about political and economic issues the social issue took on increasing importance against the backdrop of controversial comments by radio talk show host rush limbaugh. those comments hurt santorum a devout catholic a stern conservative. he's looking to praichange that praising the strong women in his
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life. it comes down to obama verses romney. polls show obama winning 55 percent of the women's vote verses romney 37. 12 minutes after the hour now. it is the most talked about play in football. what will the colts do with star quarterback payton manning. this morning we know. >> oh what a night. for this guy mitt romney. will his short term push . >> the campaign shot you didn't get to see. you watched the reaction when the results came in. but you did view some of his supporter's reaction -- i guess did you see some of his supporter's reactions. look at that. ♪
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>> 16 minutes after the hour. i am anna kooiman. mitt romney scoring a big win in ohio also taking five other states. rick santorum was right on his heels winning three states and losing ohio by 12,000 votes. the real question is what does this mean for mitt romney. let's ask fox news contributor and dick morris. >> good to be here, anna. >> so yes, mitt romney has certainly amped up his delegate lead. when he was speaking in boston he was really targeting barack obama and none of the other contenders. has he sealed the deal? >> well, he hasn't sealed it yet. he has a long ways toward it.
2:17 am
now there's this new reality that i think all republican primary voters need to take count of. which is now that a third of the delegates have been selected and romney has 55 percent of those delegates, for santorum who is in second place to win a majority of the delegates, he would have to win two-thirds of the delegates that have not yet been selected. that's not going to happen. he is far from it. he has never even won a majority in most of these states. there's no real possibility that santorum or gingrich could amass the majority before the convention. which means for them to be nominated they would have to be at the convention which is the last week of august. if we don't have a nominee until august 28th, we can kiss our chances of beating obama good-bye. >> what predictions do you have for the coming weeks? because rick santorum's very conservative message especially on social issues is going to be
2:18 am
resinating very well in the southern states that are coming up next. >> well, i think there is going to be -- certainly santorum and gingrich will do well in the south. santorum's victory in oklahoma and tennessee and gingrich's victory in georgia pred cates that. he won in virginia overwhelmly but the other two weren't in it. he won in florida but that isn't a big state. i think the increasing feeling among the republican primary voters as they come to know the truth of what i said it's not an opinion it's mathematical. there will be increasing pressure on them to withdraw and republican voters to vote for romney. it was a matter of opinion yesterday that romney might or might not have the stronger chance to defeat obama, but it is totally a matter of fact that only romney can win this nomination before the convention. anybody else will not be
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nominated until august 28th. and by then it will be too late to mount an effective campaign against barack obama. that is just a matter of fact. >> so that's simple math you say. let's talk a little more about santorum. a couple weeks ago he had about a 20 point lead and some would argue he blew it. does that mean he doesn't have staying power or does that simply mean he was out spent? >> well, mainly out spent. romney washings way, way, way out spent everybody else. i think that will continue. i don't think anybody now will be giving santorum or gingrich much money. i think that the other mistake that santorum made, i think he has really alienated the women of america. i think by coming out against am n am yo sen tee sis, by saying separation of chaufrnd the state as articulated by john kennedy should not be an absolute.
2:20 am
i think those will be controversial in the fall. there is an increasing gender gap in this race against gingrich, against santorum and for romney. he would have been better served staying on the economic issues where he was attracting votes. >> dick, we have to wrap it up there. i want you to grab a glass of orange juice or cup of coffee and stick around with us. we are going to be asking you, what does this mean for the candidates and whom is actually bestable to beat president barack obama in the general election? interesting information from super tuesday voters. >> one couple realizes they left their kid at a restaurant and they saw it on the news. >> before you judge these parents you have to hear how it all happened. cute little girl.
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>> welcome back. it's 24 minutes after the hour. this is what you missed. it is an end of the era in indianapolis. the colts announced they are going to release payton manning. now becomes a free agent after knowing only one team in his career. he was going to be owed a $28 million bonus. in ohio republican, joe the plumber won the primary in the
2:25 am
newly drawn congressional district. you know him from the 2008 election. he called out president obama over his small business tax policy. 25 minutes after the hour. exit polls showing one of the main issues of voters with candidates to beat barack obama. it shows the vote among those he sent beating obama. 52 percent in ohio, 40 percent in tennessee and had a percent in oklahoma think that romney could go head to head with the president. voters in georgia think newt gingrich is their man. the man who helped president bill clinton get re-elected against the odds is dick mourning. >> why do you think people think mitt romney can beat president obama? >> well, as i said in the earlier segments, i think that there is -- before yesterday
2:26 am
people felt that because he's one to win am prior marries will be attractive to independent voters. many want to keep some aspect of obama care like the requirement that everyone that the insurance companies not cancel you when you get sick and not raise rates. romney care in massachusetts says some of the features will be maintained not the individual dmant. his flip flop on abortion is encouraging to people who don't want someone who goes on social issues but the most important. he has a good chance of attracting those independent voters. after yesterday it becomes a mathematical certainty. there is the only candidates the republican party can nominate in time to beat obama now math matcal --
2:27 am
mathematically is romney. if they could be nominated it would be a matter of opinion. if romney is to be the candidate he would clinch the nomination somewhere around may. if it's going to be gingrich or santorum they could not win the nomination until the very last days of august. voters to chi it's importa-- th important to beat obama you need four or five months to campaign. by choosing a candidate at the last minute that is suicidal. i think a lot of voters who might be for santorum and for gingrich or even ron paul will say i think i better vote for romney because this thing is pretty much over now and the only guy who can win the nomination in time to win november is romney. >> dick morris, we have to leave it there. we are told you will be on fox and friends so viewers can look forward to that. >> my snooze alarm is on now.
2:28 am
>> it's early isn't it? >> coming up on fox and friends first this woman won a million dollars in the lottery so why is she still collecting welfare? president obama running uncontested in his own party. how did he get a chance to lose? we will explain. in several of the super tuesday states a third of the voters still believe that president obama was born in a foreign country. yeah. these are the same people who think super tuesday is super man's birthday. ♪ ♪
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends first". >> it is 5:32 now. it is wednesday the 7th of march, 2012. >> the super tuesday results are in. the grand prize goes to mitt romney. he took 6 out of the 10 super tuesday contest including the must win state of ohio. it was a very close battle there. romney was 38 percent. one point higher than rick santorum. >> another call coming in while you were sleeping alaska. romney won with 33 percent with santorum coming in second. we have all of the details about super tuesday. >> morning. >> hi there. it was a super night for mitt romney no question. he secured the most states
2:33 am
picked up the most delegates. is very much ahead in the delegate lead still far short of the more than 11,000 needed to secure the nomination. he was celebrating victory in a number of states including his home state of massachusetts as well as virginia, vermont. idaho, alaska and as you mentioned the big prize of the night ohio where he really pulled out a nail biter of the win. for rick santorum it was also a very good night. he was extremely competitive in ohio making that a very, very tight race. he secured wins as well in three other states including north dakota, oklahoma and tennessee. he points out it is a particularly big victory because he was so seriously out spent by his top competitor. here's what both of the men had to say when the votes were in. >> for the millions of america who can look around and see jobs they can't get and bills they can't pay, i have a message. you have not failed. you have a president that failed you. that is going to change.
2:34 am
a a we are running deficits we are borrowing $0.40 on every dollar. as you look at all of the young people here. the leaders in washington are saying to you on your tab, and you will pay for this the rest of your life. what right does a government have to do that to the next generation? >> thanks to the sport of evangelical conservatives large vote of senior voters and married women newt gingrich did very well in his home state of georgia. he declared it a make or break state for this campaign. this gives him the bounce in delegates, but also a bounce in momentum he believes will help him in a number of up coming southern contests including alabama and mississippi. as for ron paul he didn't win any contests. he picked up a handful of delegates, though. and he says his message will continue to resinate with
2:35 am
people. as all of the candidates at this point are vowing to stay in until the convention. back to you guys. thanks so much. 34 minutes after the hour now. we have a look at some of the results from the other state. here is a first one for you. vermont. mitt romney coming in at 40 percent. ron paul at 25 percent. >> the next one is virginia. where only two people were on the ballot mitt romney and ron paul. romney taking majority 40 percent. >> next up we ha-- 60 percent. >> ohio mitt romney taking the state. massachusetts his home state 72 percent. rick santorum in second with 12 percent. >> for oklahoma rick santorum take that go one. >> in tennessee rick santorum getting 37 percent. mitt romney 28 percent. >> and north dakota we have -- let's see.
2:36 am
there it goes. rick santorum taking that one 40 percent. ron paul at 28 percent. >> and we have georgia. newt gingrich. that was a state he said he had to win to stay in this race. he's a congressman there, or former congressman. >> 36 percent after the hour now. announced the brand new delegate count. here's what here's what each racked up. romney 2 12ke8 gats. santorum 84. gingrich 42, ron paul scored 2 -- gingrich 72, ron paul 22. 6 of those came from alaska. >> the magic number to secure the nomination. 1144. mitt romney is in the lead with 415, san tore raum 176 newt gingrich 105 and ron paul at 47. now it's time for us to take a look at who's talking.
2:37 am
gasoline prices, they are rising and american individuals want some answers. fox's own ed henry tried to get answers from president obama and said this is what he got. >> the critics will say on capitol hill you want gas prices to go higher you have said before that will wean the american people on to renewable fuels. how do you respond to that? >> from a political perspective do you think the president of the united states going into reelection wants gas prices to go higher? is there anybody here who thinks that makes a lot of sense? >> newt gingrich didn't miss a beat taking the opportunity to slam the president over this quote shallow response. >> i hope the analysts in washington and new york who spent june and july explaining our campaign was dead will watch this tonight and learn a little
2:38 am
bit from this crowd and from this place. remember when it was tim p pawlen pawlenty? remember that when it was michelle bachmann and then it was our good friend her main cane the first time and for a brief moment it was donald trump almost? then it was our good friend rick perry? then it was herman cane the second time, now it is santorum. you can't get across to him. it's all right. there are lots of bunny rabbits that run through. i am the tortoise. i just take one step at a time. >> for more now on mitt's big super tuesday win in ohio we go to peter barns. he is lye in columbus. >>er y you want to take a look t the exit polls it will give you a clue as to what you might see
2:39 am
in the general voter profile here. 45 percent of ohioans who voted yesterday republicans are college educated. 58 percent earned over 50,000 a year. 54 percent said the economy was the top issue and 26 percent said the second most important issue was the federal deficit, federal budget. now looking at mitt romney and his strength. he got 33 percent of the overall vote here but he got 43 percent of the college graduates. 39 percent of middle income voters. 4 is percent of the vote who said the economy was the top issue. as far as santorum's strength. he was a not romney social conservative evangelical alternative here in ohio. 66 percent of thome said abortion was their top issue.
2:40 am
40 percent of the ohio republican voters said sharing religious belief with their candidate was their most important issue. 41 percent strong support for the tea party. that was a big one for santorum as well. ainsley? >> sthooiveng. an -- thanks so much. sarah palin gave his support to the candidate she feels can best beat president obama and what she calls the radical left. >> i thought who best to do that, the cheerful one. newt gingrich. i have appreciated what he has stood for, stood boldly for. >> palin also saying newt best represents the ideas that many alaskans want to see. oklahoma living up to its nickname rad dish of the red state. president obama losing the oklahoma primary in 15 counties. the president won over all but
2:41 am
in the western part of the state. anti-abortion activist randall perry was the candidate of choice. perry is eligible for a delegate since he won over 15 percent of the statewide vote. a 3-year-old girl left at a maryland chuck e. cheese by her parents. they didn't realize until they saw a picture of her on the news. her parents are separated both left thinking she was with the other parent. police went to the media for help. child protective services were called they determined the whole thing was just an accident. >> a lottery winner from michigan is creating a lot of controversy after admitting she is still col nexting we -- coll welfare. since then she bought a new home and a new car. clayton who is unemployed claims she needs the 200 a month in food stamps because she is still struggling with her bills apparently. those are your headlines. >> before you leave the house first look at your weather with
2:42 am
maria molina. >> we have good news for us across the east. it will be a beautiful day including us in new york city where we could see a high today at 60 degrees. mid 60s by tomorrow. warm air in place starting to feel like spring out there. as we head southwest we have strong winds that could pose problems when it comes to travel at the big airport hubs out there like dallas and further off to the north like chicago. otherwise settles in the great lakes and rockies because we have a full front eastward and that's why it goes ahead of the system. for dallas a strong wind gust at 30-40 miles an hour. you could see travel in early this morning. you should be fine for the early commute. later on the wind will start picking up. you will start to see delays at the airport. beautiful weather northeast. 56 in boston. across the southeast mid to upper 70s across parts of the gulf coast.
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>> all right maria thank you so much. 42 minutes after the hour. spring breakers you are packed and ready to party. there's one place you don't want to go. problem is, you may already be headed there. what you need to know. then the south is speaking out on super tuesday. we were there to hear what the voters had to say as they were leaving the polls. we are live in atlanta when
2:44 am
2:45 am
2:46 am
>> it is 46 after the hour. our coverage of super tuesday rolling on. newt gingrich and rick santorum were victorious in the south. >> take a look at the exit polls to see why they voted the way they did in georgia and tennessee. joining us is jonathan. >> the polls are really interesting. going into super tuesday, newt gingrich says georgia was a must win state. there were some cgop constituencies that helped him do it. take a look at this first
2:47 am
graphic. according to exit polls mr. gingrich scored well among georgia seniors, tea party conservatives, married women and also college graduates and evangelicals. compare that to tennessee where the key groups helping rick santorum win includes evangelicals, tea party supporters married women and voters with no college degree. in tennessee rick santorum skwoer scored 45 percent with voters on candidate sharing their religious belief. he had a 22 point lead over gingrich who tied mom romney in that state at 23 percent. they found two competing factors in the contest. one detroit sire for a true conservative candidate verses the desire to beat president obama. in georgia voters who considered obama.
2:48 am
romney 38 percent gingrich 48 percent. in georgia 58 percent of voters whose priority was electing a true conservative sided with gingrich more than doubling rick santorum support. once again the reverse was true in tennessee santorum garnering 53 percent to gingrich's 22 percent. some very interesting exit polls there. back to you anna and ainsley. >> time now is 48 after the hour. our political coverage continues in just a moment. >> next up, the independents hold the card on who will become the next president. did last night's big winner already alienate those key votes? all star panel weighs in. >> first let's check in for what's coming on for fox and friends. >> good morning ladies. nice to see you on a wonderful wednesday on super tuesday. political coverage continues on fox and friends in 12 minutes with herman cain and dane raw
2:49 am
pareno. did you ever wonder if you are normal or not? d pablo is here answering your e-mails. one of the stars from the sopranos is here. we are just getting started in 11 minutes from right now.
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2:52 am
>> 52 minutes after the hour
2:53 am
now. as we span the globe and look at what stories are making headlines overseas. rescuers racing to find a victims of an avalanche. a warning going out to spring breakers stay out of mexico. drug cartel violence is a serious safety threat even in resort areas. >> with that programming note for you greta van susteren has her interview with benjamin netanyahu airs at 10:00 p.m. eastern time. >> 53 after the hour. women have been a big part of the political debate. an all star panel of women. democratic strategist, fox news contributor and columnist. how influential they are. as they were coming out of the polls there was an exit poll that took place.
2:54 am
rick santorum got -- rick santorum got 43 percent of the married women, romney 39 gingrich 12 perts and paul 6 percent. married woman. santorum won. for the working women romney 33 percent santorum 35, paul 7 percent. married women obviously want santorum the working women romney. why is that? >> romney has really spoken his message on job creation on the economy. santorum has focused on birth control on abortion. he has really thought like that in his campaign. we are seeing democrats trying to paint the gop as the anti women party. so i feel a lot of independents and a lot of women who tend to be more liberal are associated that with santorum. >> let's don't ask mel gibson what women want. what do women want? >> i think women want mitt romney. that's what i think. >> why?
2:55 am
>> he appeals to women overall. 60 percent of the vote of the independent vote will be women. mitt romney appeals to women and he's good at featuring his wife ann romney. he stood by her when she was sick. >> she takes the podium and calls everyone's name. how does she remember everyone to thank? >> she thanks everyone. she was so wonderful and a big asset to him. tara, the independent vote was very important as katie was saying. what does romney or the winner of the candidates what do they need to do to beat obama? >> the independent vote. they have been scaring a lot of independent women. president obama won independent woman 52 percent in 2008. independents are a diverse group especially independent women. he does better with woman who
2:56 am
work were single, woman who were more affluent. what the republicans have to do is tone down this rhetoric. right now i have heard women say we are trying to figure out how to put food on the table and republicans are talking about contraception. this is not what -- romney got dragged into that debate, too. he didn't come after limbaugh when he made those derogatory remarks. >> he could have taken it. >> here we go, guys. (talking over one another) >> thank you so much. coming up, see if you can figure out the word of the day before we do. stay with us. @?
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2:58 am
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>> the hour flies by. {off-lineñ] independence. very important. >> every day that we do the scramble and good work, gretchen. >> yeah, and they decide all elections so definitely a capital i. great show, guys.

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